Racing should commence at Britain’s 19th GBGB licenced track as soon as next month with GBGB expected to rubber stamp the application this afternoon

Director of Racing James Chalkley said: “I spoke to Senior Steward Paul Illingworth this morning and he confirmed that our application has been approved. It is literally now just a race against time on a Friday afternoon to issue the licence.”

The circuit previously known as Mildenhall is expected to commence trialing next Wednesday and will ultimately race three times per week.

Chalkley said: “We are playing it by ear at the moment, but we will almost certainly start off with just a single meeting as the strength slowly builds.”

Five of the seven trainers will be either transferring of splitting their kennel strengths with Henlow. They are Jason Ray, Kirsty Nevin, Mark Wallis, Paul Rea and Marlene Westwood. Paul Philpott will transfer from Towcester plus Jim Daly who, last year, had the largest kennel strength at Crayford.