South Dublin Councillor David McManus is calling out the fraudulent practice of the Social Democrats who are putting a motion before the the Irish Parliament today to withdraw funding to greyhound racing.

Th ignorance of the Social Democrats is brutally exposed with their ‘abandoned greyhound’

The Deputy Mayor of South County Dublin, who is a former Irish Greyhound Board employee, and retired greyhound owner, is alerting the media that the ‘abandoned greyhound’ used in part of the campaign to discredit greyhound racing in Ireland, is actually a lurcher.

Councillor McManus commented ‘In a desperate attempt to mislead the Irish public, the Social Democrats leader Catherine Murphy and Holly Cairns posed outside the Dáil with ‘Potter’ as their ‘abandoned greyhound’. Social media posts by the dog’s owner (former Social Democrats employee) have revealed that the dog is a lurcher, and not a greyhound. The Social Democrats are seeking to destroy over 5,000 greyhound racing jobs on a whim. They have now been exposed engaging in a Trump style deception. They have stoked up a Twitter mob and haven’t done even the most basic research. Their motion to defund greyhound racing is littered with inaccuracies. The Social Democrats should apologise to greyhound owners across Ireland. To save further embarrassment, they should remove their Dáil motion and do some basic research into the racing industry.’

‘Holly Cairns is the Agriculture Spokesperson for the Social Democrats which is concerning as she not does not know what a greyhound is. The Social Democrats are clueless about greyhound racing regulations. Racing greyhounds are the most regulated canine in Ireland – every greyhound is tattooed, microchipped and registered to their owner. They are the thoroughbred racehorses of the canine world. Lurchers are a sighthound cross that may resemble a greyhound, but they have nothing to do with the racing industry. This is pretty basic stuff. It’s bit like comparing a pony to a thoroughbred racehorse. The Greyhound Industry Act 2019 introduced by Fine Gael will ensure a full traceability scheme exists for racing greyhounds which was planned before the RTÉ documentary.’