1966 The opening game of the World Cup between England and Uruguay means that Wembley loses a meeting. So as not to upset the punters, the game on Friday 15 between Uruguay and France is transferred to London White City.

1999 Prince Of Tinrah and Larkhill Jo are both retired to stud. Irish Puppy Derby winner and Harolds Cross 525 record breaker Tinrah finished sore with an ongoing hock injury. He will stand at the kennel of recently deceased sire Frightful Flash. Larkhill Jo was crocked in a race at Shelbourne Park. His career highlights included wins in the Scottish Derby, Eclipse, Select Stakes and the Wey Plastics Invitation. He ran third to Eyeman in the Irish Derby and broke the 460m and 480m track records at Monmore. One week later, another two stars both pull up with career ending injuries at Shelbourne. Derby winner Eyeman finished lame with a gracilis inury. Blue Riband winner Droopys Merson broke a hock later at the same meeting.

2009 Oxford trainer Gloria Stringer dies following a long battle with cancer. Within a week Poole racing manager Dave Lawrence also succumbs to a long term illness.

1959 The National Greyhound Racing Society, a pre-runner to the BGRB, are considering whether to alter the deductions to tote pools. As things stand at present, there is a 16% deduction, of which the Government takes 10% and the promoters take 6%.

2001 Trainer David Pruhs was not satisfied with the Peterborough stewards verdict that his Honchos First had NOT fought in the quarter finals of the local Derby. He duly withdrew the dog

1934 July 27 1934 At Wimbledon a unique race takes place over 500 yards, with all the runners from the same litter (Mick The Miller, Toftwood Misery, Jan 33). In trap order are Mick The Cheerful bd w b, Mick The Curious bd w b, Mick The Commander, be bd w d, Mick The Courtier be bd w d, Mick The Cyclone be bd w d and Mick The Cavalier bd w d All are owned by Mrs Arundel Kempton and trained by Sidney Orton. The winner is Mick The Cavalier, the 5/4 favourite, who beat Mick The Cyclone 9/4 by 4? lengths in 29.09.

2004 Hazel Bentall takes the place of John Crittall as the NGRC’s veterinary steward.

1980 GRA compensate two owners who lost dogs following a failure of new trap hoisting equipment. In the racing accident, one dog is killed outright and another is so badly injured as to end its racing career.

1956 Prince Of Bermuda becomes the first greyhound to break 29.00 for 525 yards in Ireland. To put the run into some perspective, the track record for Shelbourne Park’s 525 yards had stood at 29.40 prior to the brindle’s brilliant run.

1962 Ballinasloe Blondie wins the Oaks for the second successive year in tremendous style. Unbeaten in all her races at Harringay going into the final, she trapped in front but had Nans Princess in close contention. However, the challenger lost her footing at the last bend and fell.

1981 The NGRC scrap rule 24 (iii b) which means that dogs with flapping form, or their progeny, can now be advertised, providing that they were not owned by an NGRC owner during the relevant time. The rule was widely regarded as absurd and virtually impossible to enforce. It had nevertheless formed part of the rule book for many year. Another rule that is scrapped is the right of any owner to parade his/her dog and place the dogs in the starting traps in an open race.

1959 Mile Bush Pride (2-7f) wins the Scottish Derby Final by eight lengths and thus becomes only the second dog in history to achieve the Triple Crown following wins in the English and Welsh finals. The son of The Grand Champion and Witching Dancer had won the Welsh Final by just over 11 lengths and the English final in a photo finish. It is 12 years since Trevs Perfection became the first to achieve the feat.

1972 In the final of the Scurry Gold Cup at Clapton and Mr and Mrs Grant’s Dont Gambol is bidding to win the classic race for the third year in a row. But Cricket Bunny (Printers Prince-Cricket Lady, Feb 69) trained by Joe Booth, spoils the treble by flashing away from trap 3, with Dont Gambol from trap 4 also very fast away. Cricket Bunny holds the inside line in a thrilling race with Dont Gambol trying his hardest to catch Bunny, but to no avail. He goes down by 21⁄2 lengths in 22.77 for the 400 yards.

1977 July 25 In the first round of the Irish Derby at Shelbourne Park, White City track record holder, Glen Rock, the 1-7 favourite, staggered from the traps and ran into the inside rails and was eliminated. A subsequent dope test proved negative. In the English Derby the previous month, he was eliminated in a similar fashion, after attempting to take the lead at the last bend and suffered a cut neck and bruises.

1962 Dromin Glory (pictured with trainer John Bassett) wins the £200 Select Stakes at Wembley. The Scottish Derby winner, who only cost £220, beats Tall Boy Olly in 29.23.

1962 Dromin Glory (pictured with trainer John Bassett) wins the £200 Select Stakes at Wembley. The Scottish Derby winner, who only cost £220, beats Tall Boy Olly in 29.23.