Industry prices query

I was reading an article yesterday on a guide to greyhound racing .I came across one article in particular which  I found interesting. Greyhound tracks to operate a tote, must have a bookmaker in attendance,it was something to do with the 1963 to 1971, Betting Gaming and Lotteries Act. I was wondering if you or any of your readers know if this still applies. I know some readers would like to have no bookmakers, but I believe there are some who are  still enjoying  finding away to beat them. Hope to hear from some soon.
Signed – one still trying to beat them.
Steve Ash

A proper job!

I just wanted to get in touch having read the excellent Razor Ashmore story today. Having been proud to represent Boylesports for many years now I’ve obviously been witness to many gambles , some successful and some not so. The gamble on Razor Ashmore by Brendan Matthews and the team is one that even all these years later is vivid in my memory. It would have to go down as one of the most well executed coursing gambles I’ve had chance to witness. We were hit at all rates from 16/1 down to 5/1 before a course had been run. We’d have been concerned regardless but when news broke that the dog had been in the hands of Brendan Matthews , it was enough to send a shiver down your spine. We were hoping for a result to go our way but with each passing round the inevitable conclusion drew ever nearer. The gamble cost the company a fortune but you had to take your hat off to the Newry maestro.

Leon Blanche

Owners request

Because of the dearth of any action for 2 months I’m sure that most owners would love to see their pride and joy having their regrading trial(s). Surely it isn’t asking too much for the tracks to show these live and/or recorded on either their own websites or such as Twitter?
Nottingham and Towcester have done this in the past, it can’t be too difficult to do and would make us long suffering owners happy.

Paul Gebhard

Rare praise!

Just a line to thank you for the great job you are doing keeping the greyhound trainers, owners and punters fully informed on what is going on in the greyhound game at the moment, with the updates from the GBGB, information from the tracks, ‘Memory Lane’ a great feature for us veterans of the game, plus the quiz. You have stopped a lot of dog people from heading to the nearest river to end it all keep up the good work
Stan Wright