Following a successful trial at Nottingham, Sheffield, Kinsley and Swindon are about to be added to the GBGB’s national injury database writes Floyd Amphlett.

It represents a significant update and expansion of the racecourse promoter’s injury data collection scheme.

The old ‘white form’ system relied on track vets filling in injury data after all race and trial sessions, which was then collated for the use of the Race Course Promoters Association.

When all tracks have been added to the system, hopefully within six months, a designated integrity welfare manager will have access to all injury data which can then by electronically analysed for any positive or negative patterns relating to types of injury and the reasons for them occurring.

Kinsley promoter John Curran said: “Contrary to the popular conception, the racecourse promoters have been sharing the data with the Greyhound Forum for many years, within the terms of a confidentiality agreement.

“This new system offers two significant improvements. Firstly, the data is available in real-time; it can be assessed as soon as it is filed by the track vets. Potentially, on the same day. This will allow an immediate response to any evolving problem. Under the old scheme it would take many months to compile and analyse the data.

“Secondly, the new system offers increased integrity since the track vets will be the only ones able to upload the data via a password protocol. That should prevent the critics claiming that information is being supressed by the racecourse promoters.

“Although we accept that some injuries are not obvious on the day of the race, the vast majority of the serious ones certainly are, including the track euthanasias.

“Furthermore, with the data being handled by the GBGB welfare and integrity officer, it will fall within the realms of the UKAS monitoring process. It will become a valuable extra tool to the industry’s commitment to welfare under the animal welfare legislation.”