When you have three in a final, like we did in the Easter Cup last weekend, all you can do is hope they will all run well. They certainly did. Clona Blaze keeps getting it right at the traps, but had Clonbrien Prince not been hampered at the first bend we could have had a different result.

Lenson Blinder was going well but was put out of the race by Braveheart Bobby at the first bend. I’ve seen Bobby do that before, and he is well named, totally determined. He is a dog I like a lot. Unfortunately Blinder came off worse.

We had six winners on the night, and I was particularly impressed by Riverside Leo in a supporting 525, particularly since he stumbled on the run-up.

He has had problems with cramp but looks a good buy for Larry O’Rourke who bought him from John Reinsford just before the unraced stake at Clonmel. Leo is barely getting the 525 at the moment, and we will be looking at the Con Kirby and the Laurels as the long term objectives.

I am looking forward to the English Derby at Nottingham. I know that Rachel Corden will put on a thoroughly professional job, just as her dad would have expected.

I thought Towcester did their best with a track that was far from perfect. They were very enthusiastic in the racing office with a great vet. It was definitely an improvement from Wimbledon where everything seemed too much trouble.

We haven’t finalised the Derby team at this stage. At present it would probably include Clona Blaze, Lenson Blinder, Slippy Cian, who is over a recent niggle, Nice Charmer and Wolfe. He has still not really grown up. Even at Shelbourne on Saturday, when he had new things to take on board, like the sampling stewards, he couldn’t settle. But he is as fast as any of them in my opinion.

The owners of Clonbrien Prince are still deciding whether to come or not and at this stage, we are planning to travel backwards and forwards, at least for the early rounds.

In the meantime, most of the big names are in the Gain 600 which starts of Saturday.

We haven’t mentioned it to Drive On Tipp yet, who is one of those running on Saturday, but we have already lined up a retirement home for him.

We have had a few retire recently including Lughill Robbie, who has gone to Italy and Droops Cabaye who has been re-homed in Cork. We have a few here of my own including Riverside Swift, his mum Riverside Ester, plus of course the two boys in the house, Clares Rocket and Garyvoe Bobby.