In 2018 the Greyhound Board of Great Britain produced figures to show that 86% of all ex-racers are re-homed.

Despite spending £2.24m on retirement – 14% (348 greyhounds) were put to sleep, mainly due to lack of funds.

The reason for the shortfall is because although the majority of betting companies contribute to the British Greyhound Racing Fund – the largest betting exchange, BETFAIR – refuses to pay.

Its contribution – reckoned to be somewhere between £800,000 – £1m would cover the re-homing shortfall and much more besides.

(Unlike horse racing, greyhound racing relies on voluntary donations, rather than a statutory levy to pays its welfare bill).

If you think this is wrong – whether or not you or are greyhound supporter or have ever attended a race meeting – we ask you share this post with TEN of your friends – hopefully they will do the same – until we shame the profiteering leeches into doing the right thing.