They queued up for Three Steps

Sunday’s Time Nutrition Three Steps to Victory was massively oversubscribed with 55 entries for the Calendar’s only tri-distance competition.

Sheffield Racing Manager Andrew Mascarenhas said: “It was a major task trying to select the 36 and apologies to anyone who didn’t get accepted but of the 55 entries, I would say that probably 50 had open race winning form.”

Pushed to select three for the event, the grader said: “One would have to be New Destiny based on her known form. I was also very impressed with Untold Tata last weekend. He was only over the 480 but he seemed to be running on very well. The other choice would have to be Miami Bullet who trialled so well for Paul Young.

“But look at the heats, there is quality in all of them. I couldn’t be more pleased with the overall quality of entry; it should be a cracking competition.”







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Friday: Romford

Saturday: Monmore

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