Animal Rising Derby convictions

Animal Rising activists are seeking to raise funds after being fined around £60,000 with additional suspended sentences for attempting to disrupt last year’s Star Sports/TRC English Derby Final.

Janssens to slash kennel strength

Patrick Janssens is looking to half his kennel strength from around 20 runners to 10 as he admits to being disenchanted with the direction that the sport is taking.

The 2020 Champion Trainer said: “There isn’t one thing in particular, there are lots of issues. There are only three of us here now and it makes it very difficult to enjoy what we are doing.

“Take the situation at Monmore with the PGR Puppy Derby. It was staged in the daytime which meant it was impossible for me to get away. I worked all day and watched the race on my phone. And that isn’t a dig at Monmore, they are a fabulous group of people at the stadium and couldn’t try harder to make you feel welcome.

“I miss the social side of things. Going racing in front of a big crowd, feeling the atmosphere. It was part of the enjoyment. Now you go racing, and whether it is daytime racing or not, there is no one there.

“I have the most fabulous bunch of owners in the kennel, the best ever. They want to keep bringing me new dogs, and I will do the best to accommodate them, but there will be more going out than coming in.”


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