Nottingham director Nathan Corden predicted Skywalker Logan’s track record on Saturday – but not the surge in final bookings that followed it.

He said: “I watched Logan trial and he didn’t come out of the traps cleanly. He then scared the life out of the hare driver along the backstraight and recorded 29.27. I thought he was bound to improve a couple of lengths second time around and predicted that he would break the record. In fact, it looks as though there is more to come and I think he could be the first dog to break 29.00 here.

“He is definitely among the fastest three dogs I have seen at Nottingham. The first would be Some Picture, and taking nothing away from (former track record holder) Sawpit Sensation, I remember a sprinter that Karen Prince had here. He was called Droopys Chris and although he was plagued by injury, the pace he showed was just exceptional.”

In the couple of days since Logan’s victory, the Nottingham website has been under siege from punters looking to secure a ticket for Star Sports/ARC/LPS Derby Final night on Saturday June 29.

Nathan said: “We experienced a sudden spike in bookings, and can only assume that Logan has really captured peoples’ imagination. We have now sold more than 75% of the (£25) grandstand places. There is still some availability in the paddock marquee (£90 guaranteed seat, 2 course premium buffet, champagne etc ) which is around 60% full and more still at Star Sports Corner (£36 guaranteed seat plus burger and chips). The area will include temporary grandstands, bars, tote facilities, toilets and 3 bookmaker pitches.

“At this stage, I’d be very confident that we will sell out the grandstand long before final night. I am not sure about the other two, but if anyone particularly wants to have the option, I suggest they get a move on.

“As for the competition itself, I was disappointed that the likes of Roxholme Nidge and Rising Brandy weren’t able to take part. But as an open race fan, I think it is the best quality Derby in a long time.”

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