It has been a pretty rough year, but Monday night at Nottingham was probably a new low.

2018 didn’t start off too badly with The Other Reg in the Scottish Derby but its pretty much gone downhill ever since, starting with his injury.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Droopys Trawler fighting on the run-in in the semi finals of the Eclipse. The dog has been running so well, and I am convinced that he would qualify.

I thought that he would probably be about five lengths behind Dorotas Wildcat which is no bad run given that we were only passing time until we could get him over six bends, which is where I was convinced his future lay.

At this stage, all those plans are in ruins. I am gutted, but not for myself, for owner Tommy Smith. He spent money in good faith, and then this. Nobody saw it coming. I haven’t made too many plans yet, we’ll leave Trawler off over the winner. It will be Spring before we think about clearing trials.

It didn’t get any better later in the meeting when Spearten and Newinn Jet were eliminated and Jet came off with a hairline crack on a hock. Yet another one!

This media rights battle has been an absolute disaster for racing. All these races at the end of the year have been a disaster.

The latest lash up is finding out that the first round of the Oaks is being run on the same Sunday afternoon as the heats of the Puppy Derby at Henlow. I planned to run Fridays Marie in the Oaks and Newinn Banger and Newinn Mac in the Puppy Derby.

The weekends are a bit tight for staff at the best of times, what are we supposed to do? Swindon is a three hour plus drive, Henlow is at least four hours and we are contracted to Belle Vue for a Sunday morning.

Is it any surprise that the owners and trainers are so fed up. This isn’t enjoyment!