Greyhound racing could be on the verge of an anticipated additional £3m windfall as bookmakers apparently prepare to honour their internet betting responsibility writes Floyd Amphlett.

The Star understands that senior figures in the betting industry have accepted the principle of payment for offshore betting but are still to thrash out the detail.

A significant betting industry source revealed: “It is all about quantum for horse racing and greyhound racing will follow. We have all accepted that. There is a meeting between the GBGB and the Association of British Bookmakers next Monday, though whether agreement can be reached on the day remains to be seen.

“Bet365 already pay ‘offshore’ and it won’t cost the ‘Big Three’ a great deal since each has comparatively small market share. Betfair are the other big players. They have said they will ‘review’ their position, without confirming that they will resume payments into the Fund, but they are clearly under pressure. A total figure of £3m has been bandied about and I don’t think that will be too far off the mark.”