Brendan Barry who headed the appeal that led to the commissioning of the Mick The Miller statue in Ireland has been in touch seeing info on the Mick mosaic at Wimbledon.

I`m trying to find out about the mosaic (pic attached) of Mick The Miller that is in his stand at Wimbledon. I would love to have some idea of when it went in there. I know that side of the stadium was first used during (and for a few years after WW2) perhaps it went in then.

And that the stand was refurbished and renamed as The Mick The Miller Stand in 2001, I`m guessing it only went in then. I have been worried about the mosaic`s safety for a few years and have been keeping in touch with Keith Hallinan and with Bob Boswell who has been keeping an eye on it. I`d really appreciate any info you might possibly have on it, even just to know when it was put in, then I could research a bit myself.

Another reason for knowing is that the Save Wimbledon Stock Car Group are still fighting on the grounds of the historical architechture of the stadium. The history of the mosaic could be very valuable to them.

They would also be extremely grateful for any pictures or details of the architecture of the stadium pre 1980.

Brendan Berry
Chairman/Secretary Mick The Miller Commemoration Committee

[email protected]