Kinsley boss John Curran is warning that this year’s Gymcrack may not go ahead due to the lack of a sponsor.

Previously sponsored by Betfred, the betting giant, who do not take the ARC betting service, chose not to continue with the sponsorship in 2018, albeit, the event, won by Brinkleys Poet, still carried their name.

Curran said: “Betfred have been excellent sponsors in the past and it is disappointing that the arrangement has come to a conclusion.

“We have written to various companies and are awaiting replies, though I accept that the odds are against us. Unlike some of the other competitions, it wouldn’t be feasible for us to speak to RPGTV as we only race one evening per week, Saturday.

“It would have to be run on Sunday afternoon and without sponsorship, it would cost the thick end of £25,000. To be honest, I have other more productive ways of spending that money.

“I will make a final decision at the end of February, but I wanted to give everyone ample warning.”