Simon Franklin has pledged to reveal his own track’s individual injury statistics when the industry data is made available to the public in 2018.

The Star understands that ‘track euthanasias’ are in mid single figures for 2017 and Franklin fears that the plan to group them together with the 22 other tracks, will not reflect his track’s excellent record.

Over years, Yarmouth have frequently and consistently updated their track surface and drainage. In addition to paying for surgery for broken hocks, Simon’s father Stephen operates one of the best independent home finding schemes in the industry.

Simon said: “I can see the potential for dogs being over-raced next year and that will inevitably lead to more injuries and dogs to be re-homed. When it comes to injury rates, some tracks clearly have much higher rates than others and I’ll be ****ed if we carry the blame for those who don’t take responsibility.”