Three more tracks have confirmed that they will support their trainers will offers of additional funding during the Coronavirus shut down.

Doncaster‘s Teddy Watson was first to react with the message: “Doncaster Greyhound Stadium will be contributing £5, per dog, per week, to trainers for the next three weeks. We will review this again after this period. I understand these are very uncertain times for everyone. Stay safe.”

Sheffield‘s Dave Perry wrote: ” Sheffield will be contributing £5 per dog per week to each of its contracted trainers during this period of uncertainty.  We will support our trainers through this period and are assisting and keeping them informed daily of our plans. We wish everyone connected to the stadium and industry the best during this very difficult period. Stay safe everyone.”

Central Park‘s Barry Stanton wrote” “With effect from April 1st 2020, Central Park will pay to their attached trainers the sum of £5 per local greyhound per week in their charge to supplement the pledge made by the GBGB
These payments will be for a period of three weeks and will be reviewed at the end of that period. Details of how trainers can claim will be notified to them by the weekend.”

Earlier, John Curran confirmed Kinsley’s commitment to their trainers, mentioned previously: “We have put a support package for our trainers and their racing greyhounds. We made available a fund of £32k to give 50p per greyhound, per day, based upon runners entered over the past 4 weeks averaged. Further, we are to pay up to one month advance kennel rent to trainers with landlords with lease agreements to a maximum of £500 per calendar month should trainer have financial difficulties paying the rent.
“We don’t have many retired greyhound in our kennels. Our retirement homing list had around 20 awaiting homing. Support for these greyhounds will be provided from our homing fund should it be required. We are in talks to provide veterinary telephone advice to our trainers should they need to speak to a vet.
“I have made my personal number available to all my trainers to provide help, advice and guidance whilst we come out of lock down. Our KOTA committee as is my two racing managers assisting me and trainers with any issues they have.”