The third round of the English Derby is always a big favourite with punters as it is the first occasion where the entire field appear together on the same card for the first time.

King Memphis has rejoined De Lahdedah at the top of the betting with the pair splitting opinion among the layers. Both are in an unbeaten group of nine greyhounds.

One other thought. It is from the third round onwards where, traditionally, the non-railers tend to close up on the pack.

Winning traps to date T1-6, T2-8, T3-12, T4-9, T5-5, T6-7

9/1 De Lahdedah, King Memphis, 12/1 Boylesports Bob, Superfast Gorden, Swords Rex, The Other Kobe, 14/1 Clonbrien Treaty,  20/1 Antigua Hawk, Crafty Shivoo, 22/1 Gaytime Nemo, 28/1 Ballinabola Ed, King Combs, 33/1 Ballymac Finn, Jaytee Etienne, 40/1 Ballymac Gizmo, Churchfield Syd, Glengar Martha, Newinn Syd, 50/1 Cooliogold, Faypoint Sean, Hawkfield Blue, Singalong Dolly, 66/1 Ballymac Slick, Droopys Pivotel, Druids All Go, Edwards, Road Exile, 80/1 Bockos Thunder, Droopys Doughnut, 100/1 Coss Tokyo, Grouchos Duke, Unreal Bruiser, 125/1 Azurite, Droopys Supply, Havana Top Note, Mcneill, Miracle, Scaglietti, Whyaye Man, 150/1 Bluejig Baron, Bramble Elvis, Burj Khalifa, Hawkfield Abbie, Savana Jackpot, 175/1 Aero Convey, 225/1 Never Say No, Wrighty, 300/1 Beatties Sparkle

The Other Kobe is the great news story of the Derby to date. Out of luck in the 2022 Irish Derby, eventually won by litter brother Born Warrior, Kobe put matter right for Jennifer O’Donnell last year. When he joined Graham Holland for this year’s English Derby campaign, it seemed it was just ‘a farewell tour’.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Only five greyhounds have broken 4.00 for the split including as part of Kobe’s 28.99 win last time out. Given his pre-competion trial and trialstake, that will have come as no surprise.

Kennelmate Clonbrien Treaty looks certain to get a clear run on the outside. He does give away lengths at the bend though, and they aren’t lengths he can spare in the latter stages of the race. The third qualifying place could be very tight. Given his record for reaching finals (five to date), Whyaye Man is a born battler and looks well drawn. 2-6-1

1/1 The Other Kobe, 7/2 Clonbrien Treaty, 6/1 Hawkfield Blue, 8/1 Singalong Dolly, 10/1 Whyaye Man, 25/1 Wrighty


Possibly the ‘least early paced’ heat of the eight due to be staged, which should play into the hands of Ballymac Finn, the only second round winner in the line-up.

Liam Dowling’s hound reached last year’s semi without ever looking a serious player and last week’s win was his first in seven attempts over course and distance. But given, he is normally surrounded by ‘EP’, he was able to dominate last week. He could do so again.

The likely favourite is fellow compatriot Boylesports Bob who pulled up trees to qualify last week. Trainer Paul Hennessy loves to send ‘600 yard’ hounds to Towcester – for significant success – and although Bob hasn’t yet tackled that distance, it seems only a matter of time before he does.

There is likely to be a ruck running on to qualify and Aero Convey who have as much chance as most. 1-6-5

10/11 Boylesports Bob, 9/4 Ballymac Finn, 7/1 Faypoint Sean, 8/1 Droopys Pivotel, 33/1 Aero Convey, Bramble Elvis


Not a lot of ‘early’ in here either – with one notable exception. It seems almost impossible to imagine anything other than Churchfield Syd leading here and there is no De Lahdedah to catch him this time. In fact, there is only one winning line of Derby form in the race.

Kevin Boon thinks a lot of youngster Bockos Thunder who, like Syd, was a ‘beaten sub 29.00 runner’ last time out and looks the danger. Then, who runs on for third? Not a lot between them. 6-3-1

5/4 Churchfield Syd, 9/2 Bockos Thunder, 6/1 Coss Toyko, Droopys Supply, 10/1 Bluejig Baron, 12/1 Havana Top Note


Superfast Gorden showed significant progress from the first round when winning last week. He will start favourite here and is impossible to oppose. Firstly, he has the early pace to lead, and as we pointed out on Thursday, front runners hold a significant advantage over course and distance.

Throw in fastest times too and it would be a surprise if he gets beat here. However, ‘surprise’ and ‘shock’ are not the same things; after all, Jaytee Etienne was made favourite when the pair met last week.

Savana Jackpot is currently being quoted at 25/1 to win this heat. While predominantly a stayer, it is a big price for a dog with 28.78 on his card. 1-2-4

4/6 Superfast Gorden, 11/4 Jaytee Etienne, 8/1 Droopys Doughnut, 10/1 Never Say No, 25/1 Savana Jackpot, 50/1 Beatties Sparkle


Two of the event’s nine unbeaten greyhounds meet here with one trading at roughly 13/8 and the other at 13/2.

This is once again another heat dominated by the Irish and it is doubtful that Pat Buckley would have been cheering when the runners were drawn. Antigua Hawk is a progressive young dog who looks open to further improvement. He moved across the track on the run-up last week. If he comes away in similar style again, he should have enough early pace to lead Ballymac Gizmo who ran from red a week ago.

Team Buckley will be hoping that there is no clash with kennelmate Glengar Martha who clocked a 3.90 sectional in the first round, but didn’t reproduce that next time out.

Journeyman, Edwards ran his regular race last week, but is facing the prospect of ever more talented opposition. 5-4-3

13/8 Antigua Hawk, 3/1 Glengar Martha, 6/1 Ballymac Gizmo, 13/2 Edwards, 10/1 Grouchos Duke, McNeill


A real humdinger of a race. Just look at the BRTs of the three unbeaten runners: Crafty Shivoo (28.59), Gaytime Nemo (28.76) and joint Derby favourite De Lahdedah (28.78).

Then look at how they did it. Crafty Shivoo in the second round.  . . .  Gaytime Nemo in the second round in which King Combs also features. . . . and De Lahdedah in the first and second round.

Overall, the draw looks pretty even, though Crafty Shivoo and King Combs are arguably the best drawn pair. For that reason, the selection is the MWD’s runner in red. If she breaks 4.00 again, she leads on the inside and is as tenacious as they come once in front.

What happens in the middle will be interesting to say the least with De Lahdedah facing a challenge to clear the defending champ on his inside, and the early paced Miracle on the outer. No doubt the Holland team would have been pleased to be drawn on the inside of the Kerry runner.

Of course, if the Dowling runner traps in front, on the evidence of last week, the track record will go.

King Combs will presumably do his own thing on the outside and will be finishing stronger than anything.

This heat is what the Derby is all about! 1-3-6

2/1 De Lahdedah, 11/4 Crafty Shivoo, 3/1 Gaytime Nemo, 5/1 King Combs, 14/1 Miracle, 33/1 Scaglietti


Here we go again!!!

Five heat winners including the joint track record holder King Memphis who did this (T4) in the first round and this in the second. Sword Rex (T3) did this in the first round and this in the second. This was Ballinabola Ed’s second round run. This was Newinn Syd’s second round run. This was Azurite last time out.

Any the wiser? Which line of form do you take? Which sectional?

Given the draw, Memphis possibly, probably, maybe, just edges it. But he will need to trap at his best. If he does, he hold the inside line and there is nothing in this field (or in training) likely to backrun him.

But needless to say, it isn’t that simple.

Swords Rex is an absolute champion in his own right with a huge following at Towcester where he has nine wins from 11 races – every one in sub29. If the bookies were looking to see the winter favourite Memphis eliminated, they would have probably put this race together.

Then throw Eclipse winner Newinn Syd into the mix, and the early paced Road Exile next to Ballinabola Ed – not what Team Buckley would have wanted – and, well. . . . this would have made a pretty tasty final! 1-2-3.

6/4 King Memphis, 2/1 Swords Rex, 5/1 Ballinabola Ed, 7/1 Newinn Syd, 14/1 Road Exile, 33/1 Azurite


Cooliogold is the last of the unbeaten runners to go to traps and there is every chance that he could retain that record. This is what he did in the second round. However, he is vulnerable in the latter stages and the strong finishing Unreal Bruiser looks decent value to cause an upset from a plotted draw on the inside.

Druids All Go has come off second best against the big hitters but this is a slight drop in quality. 1-2-3 

5/2 Cooliogold, 7/2 Ballymac Slick, 7/2 Druids All Go, 4/1 Unreal Brusier, 12/1 Burj Khalifa, 20/1 Hawkfield Abbie