Greyhound of the Year Droopys Buick is from one of the most productive damlines in Irish breeding

Bred by Sean Dunphy from a litter of two dogs and six bitches whelped on 11/11/13, Buick’s litter comrades include Pinpoint Maiden winner Droopys Benz, plus open winning Droopys Mazda, Nissan and Scion plus Jaytee Chilli. Between them they have won between 400-750m.

They are the best litter by Tote Gold Cup winner Yeah Man. His previous best son was probably Irish open racer Faypoint Man. His daughters include Hather Pat, dam of Hiya Butt, though his true merit was never known as he succumbed to cancer at five years old.

Dam Hilda was a 28.55 Shelbourne winner at 20 months old and was still a pup when she produced Buick in her first litter.

Hilda’s following litter included Irish Puppy Berby (Juvenile) finalist Droopys Smasher, the Brinkleys Unraced finalist Droopys Rogue, plus minor open winner Droopys Noble and the disqualified Droopys Realm. She has since produced a Sep’15 litter by Ballymac Eske.

There was little else of note among Hilda’s siblings, the best being Regency finalist Stainless Steel. Orleans has thrown open winners in all litter including Droopys Folly, but is best known for her Westmead Hawk litter that featured Derby finalist Droopys Ward and the exported Droopys Bentley.

Orleans was the only pup in her litter though her dam Droopys Bolero threw a string of open racers including Droopys Oscar, Deerfield Music, Droopys Luisao and Elwick Bolero.

Droopys Bolero’s half sisters include Droopys Jean (dam of Westmead Osprey, Westmed Diver etc), Droopys Rena (dam of Droopys Twirl, Bush Paddy) and Dundlak International winner Droopys Electric.

      Staplers Jo
    Larkhill Jo  
      Westmead Flight
  Yeah Man    
      Spiral Nikita
    Senahel Ridge  
      Senahel Gold
      Brett Lee
    Ace Hi Rumble  
      Rumble Spirit
  Droopys Hilda    
      Droopys Vieri
    Droopys Orleans  
      Droopys Bolero