We’ve been trying to work out who should be the star of the YARMOUTH trio and thought of it in terms of the 1970s band, The Jam. On Monday night, Brett Hughes produced a £150 audition but after a -£100 night on Wednesday . . . . we are really thinking ‘some talent’ – bass player Bruce Foxton.

Dave Prentice, followed up a -£25 night on Monday with a -£100 night on Wednesday. Not a lot of talent on show thus far – the drummer. Whatever his name was.

But up front, our singing, songwriting, global megaster  . . . . . with a £50 on a 13-8 winner and £50 on a 4-1 winner – for a net profit of £281.25, we give you the Yarmouth’s own Paul Weller – Mr Lee Calcutt!!!!


Meanwhile SUNDERLAND have canceled the open top bus and order of Suuupa Sam t-shirts. Sam Linley -£100. There won’t be any Stark Attack bumper stickers either. George Stark -£100. At least Graham Strike came out in front – just – £20 profit. Order your cut price Deadly Strike key-rings here.



Jimmy Wright will enter today’s Challenge accompanied by loud music and a string of fans. Jimmy Fenwick will make his appearance disguised as a delivery man. Steve Anderson will be climbing through the window of the gents.

The form

The views:

Jimmy Fenwick

Jimmy Wright

Never In Doubt (R9 T5) Thought he was unlucky not to win last week, he got into trouble around the first two bends and despite finishing 5th, he was beaten no more than 3 lengths. A repeat of last weeks performance and a clear run should put him in the mix. £40 win


Robert Short