In a move that seems certain to bemuse and irritate greyhound punters in equal measure, the Starting Price Regulatory Commission has supported the use of industry prices to determine SPs writes Floyd Amphlett.

Although the report only reviews betting in horseracing, it will undoubtedly be used as justification for the continued use of formulaic returns on greyhound racing. Many greyhound punters claim that there is a significant between available odds and the starting prices that are eventually returned in the final few seconds of betting.

The Commission, chaired by Lord Donoughue (architect of the Greyhound Board of Greyhound Britain), acknowledge that there are disparities in previous betting patterns, with backers of shorter priced runners doing badly. But overall, it opted to support the practice which was introduced nine months ago when on-course layers were barred from operating due to the pandemic shut-down.

The report is laced with facts and figures and can be read in full on the link below.

The full report