Hall Green are the first BAGS tracks to offer permit trainers a chance to run in graded races.

While GBGB are finalising plans to allow five tracks to start a trial, racing manager Rob Coulthard is taking contact details of anyone who would like to sign up to join Hall Green as soon as the scheme is approved.

He said: “I think permit racing is a great idea. I remember it well first time around and it was a great success. I don’t get why anyone would think it was an issue for BAGS tracks. If I am concerned about any of our professionals being a bit ‘hot’ they don’t get to run on BAGS anyway.

“Besides we have non-BAGS meetings too and there would always be plenty of races to take part in.

“I think small kennels are the way forward. As things stand only wealthy people can afford to build big kennels but a lot of young people will love to train their own dogs.

“We have Ross Williams who is in his early twenties who has five or six dogs with us. Him and his girlfriend love to turn up on a Saturday night with four or five runners. They are so enthusiastic, it is great for the game. I would love to have another 15 Ross Williams’ at the track.”

To place your interest, contact Hall Green racing office on 0870 840 7371.