Dog fight among the antis

Greyhound supporters will no doubt be quietly amused by the latest exploits of the ‘welfare organisation’ Animal Rising writes Star Editor Floyd Amphlett.

This time last year, Towcester were preparing for a mass protest on Derby Final night, a plan that spectacularly backfired, not before causing the venue considerable anguish and cost.

Their latest venture is to attack another organisation for which most greyhound folk hold in utter contempt, the RSPCA, who have engaged in a plan to see greyhound racing banned in the UK by the use of misleading and disingenuous information.

However, according to Animal Rising’s latest video, maybe when it comes to welfare, ‘the Society’ may want to start looking considerably closer to home . . .

Swaffham on the market

Swaffham owner Eddie Lesley insists he has not given up on greyhounds eventually returning to Swaffham, despite his placing the venue on the market for £1.6m.

Lesley has laid a grass track and owns a considerable amount of equipment, albeit, now quite old.

He said: “There are leases in place which protect the uses on site. An excessive workload (elsewhere) means that I need to dilute responsibilities. My objective is to retain rights to operate the dogs (on which I continue to spend a lot of money).”

Swaffham began greyhound racing in 1987 but closed in 2000.


Greyhound Derby (Towcester)

Quarter finals:
Ht1: 6/4 Crafty Shivoo, 11/4 Superfast Gorden, 5/1 Gaytime Nemo, 13/2 Churchfield Syd, 12/1 Grouchos Duke, 14/1 Droopys Pivotel,

Ht 2: 4/9 King Memphis, 5/1 Ballinabola Ed, 10/1 Ballymac Finn, 12/1 Ballymac Gizmo, 20/1 Whyaye Man, 33/1 Hawkfield Abbie
Ht 3: 4/9 The Other Kobe, 11/2 Ballymac Slick, 7/1 Droopys Doughnut, 8/1 Hawkfield Blue, 16/1 Edwards
Ht 4: 4/6 De Lahdedah, 10/3 Boylesports Bob, 8/1 Bockos Thunder, 17/2 Cooliogold, 20/1 Coss Tokyo, 80/1 Beatties Sparkle

4/1 King Memphis, 5/1 The Other Kobe, 13/2 De Lahdedah, 10/1 Crafty Shivoo, 12/1 Boylesports Bob, 14/1 Superfast Gorden, 20/1 Gaytime Nemo, 25/1 Ballinabola Ed, 28/1 Ballymac Slick, 33/1 Droopys Doughnut, 40/1 Ballymac Finn Churchfield Syd, Droopys Pivotel, 45/1 Cooliogold, 50/1 Ballymac Gizmo, Grouchos Duke, Hawkfield Blue, 60/1 Bockos Thunder, 70/1 Coss Tokyo, 80/1 Edwards, 125/1 Whyaye Man, 150/1 Hawkfield Abbie, 325/1 Beatties Sparkle

2/1 Untold Ruble, 5/1 March On Freddie, 8/1 Droopys Extragud, Untold Quetzal, 12/1 Keefill Maverick, 14/1 Golden Bullet, Keefill Rocky, Madabout Peck, 16/1 Witton Echo, 22/1 Brindle Bully, Kranky Tom, 28/1 Golden Wind, No Better Feelin, 33/1 Itallabouted, Newinn Souly, Slingshot Ali, Witton Margaret 50/1 Easy Mcgregor, Golden Acre, 66/1 My Friend John, Onlyinthejockey, Toddys Tonic, 80/1 Newinn Sassy, 200/1 Crystal Shard

5/2 Magical Bluebear, My Lennie, 9/2 Romeo Crusade, 5/1 Guzzler, 7/1 Droopys Standard, 16/1 Killuran Bella

4/6 New Destiny, 4/1 Cooladerry Dust, Miami Bullet, 14/1 Untold Paanga, 16/1 Joes Sagar, 22/1 Tromora Rex


Thursday: Hove  ♦  Swindon

Friday: Romford  ♦  Sunderland

Saturday: Central Park  ♦  Doncaster  (Race 7 subject to be redraw due to seeding issue) ♦  Towcester  ♦  Yarmouth

Sunday: Crayford  ♦.    Towcester