Ironcyclen advertised in the Star back in February 2000

Trainer Mark Wallis is to appeal a £5,000 fine imposed by the GBGB following the positive samples obtained from Category One finalists Antigua Sugar and Blueberry Bullet. Full details.

In a prepared statement, the champion trainer states:

“I cooperated fully with the inquiry and provided a genuine explanation for the presence of cobalt to the Disciplinary Committee. I strongly feel the decision arrived at by the Disciplinary Committee requires challenge and the fine imposed is massively disproportionate for the breach. I will be submitting an appeal in due course.”

The product for which Wallis was fined, Ironcyclen, was formulated more than three decades ago by Australia’s leading canine/equine nutritionist, Dr John Kohnke BVSc.RDA. It is on unrestricted sale and has been one of the most widely used supplements in global greyhound racing throughout that period.

Neither the NGRC, BGRB or GBGB have ever issued any threshold limits relating to Ironcyclen.

GBGB Trainers representative Peter Harnden said: “I cannot condemn the GBGB Disciplinary Committee for acting in the best interests of welfare. However, I am very concerned about the disproportionate level of the punishment, particularly in comparison to some recent decisions where the welfare breaches have been considerably more serious, in my opinion.”