We’ve used the Government algorithims to verify the performance of the Nottingham tipsters on Monday night. Big Lad Mark Pierrepont – you are crap. Mal Shenton, we had a query on a couple of your tips, but after careful reassessment, it turns out you are crap too. Gary Dumbarton, is you were to think of a number, add seven, and double it, you would still be crap. 3 x -£100

Table for the losers please! Make it a table for five! Sensible Prentice -£100 and The Cash Machine -£100 will be joining them. No not Brett BB Hughes He will be paying from out of his £258.88 profit.



For those with squeamish stomachs – look away now. Geordie Jimmy Fenwick is £96.61 in profit. Jock Jimmy Wright is -£400 – which is equal to the national debt of Burkina Faso. Steve -£100 Anderson is actually Steve -£250 Anderson and has gone missing for today’s contest. He’s probably trying to borrow a few quid from the Sheffield lads.


The form

The views:

Jimmy Fenwick:
Wraysbury Girl (R2 T1) Has great draw in red jacket. She can break well to get first run on rest of field at first bend stay on to win £50 win

Jimmy Wright

Glynn Dobbs

Can the run continue, let’s hope so! Tonight’s card looks a great night for open racing, and one of my favorite competitions is the Gain Greyhound Nutrition Three Steps To Victory.

However my selection tonight will not be coming in this competition but in the D2 graded sprint – Burnley Storm (R12 T2). This black bitch is returning nicely from her season date and looks to have a nice makeup in the 2 box. Hopefully with a slick start from the boxes she can reproduce one of her fast times to win the race.£100 win