Crayford stage the first of the Track Championship Final cards this evening with the local runners vying for bragging rights over four distances.

Racing manager Danny Rayment said: “These kind of events used to be much more common when I first got involved in the industry. I remember Stan Kennett winning more than his shareat Crayford. I guess they have dropped away as the number of meetings increased.

“We find it quite difficult to put them on as we have four different distances and there isn’t necessarily a proliferation of top grade runners over any of them.

“At the moment, some of the kennels aren’t really sure about them so it will be interesting to see the reaction after these first finals. The prize money is certainly attractive.


“Knockboy Pep has had to be withdrawn from the 380 final leaving a five-runner race. While it is disappointing, it would have meant a wide runner from trap three which is far from ideal. You would have to think Tom Levers would fancy his chances with one of his two.

“To make the hurdle competition, I needed to split them into a faster and slower divisions to keep them competitive. I think the same three from the fastest heat should dominate the final.


” We didn’t have enough 714 metre runners to create heats so we will be running it as a one-off. Imnotshy looks to be the class runner in the race though we know that Southfield Ariel can go with virtually anything so she should keep it competitive.

“For sentimental reasons, it would be quite nice to see Glenbeg Val win it. She has been a great servant to the track throughout her career.


“The 54o has also been reduced to five runners following the withdrawal of Droopys Charm which should give give Sporting Gringo his absolute dream run on the outside, though I am sure Julie Luckhurst will fancy her chances with either of her two.”


There are three more Championships planned this year in May, August and November.