The GBGB’s 19th circuit Suffolk Downs staged its first trial session earlier today. A total of 37 trials took place with three handslips.

Director of Racing James Chalkley said: “Everything pretty much went to plan and it was a good session. We had a slight delay to the start because the STRI wanted to make some measurements on the track. We also had one early break to add some more water and there was a minor issue with a hare covering being caught somewhere on the track, but the trials all went well and there were no injuries.

“By a strange coincidence, Anne Kirby, who had the last winner at the track when it raced as Mildenhall, had the first trialists.”

Paper Straw, one of the best middle distance performers at Harlow set the standard with a 24.48 run but was overshadowed by another dog from the same circuit, Jethro, who clocked 24.40 on better going. Seven trainers sent runners on the day.

The next trial meeting will be next Wednesday, to be followed by a Friday session.