Statement form Kinsley Greyhound Stadium Directors

In the last few weeks, the rumour mill has been overactive (Chinese Whispers) or more likely (South Yorkshire Whispers) that Kinsley is to close it’s doors! Well,  just for the record . . .

Kinsley Greyhound Stadium core business is greyhound racing first and last. Kinsley opened as a greyhound track in March 1939. It current owners are Keith John Murrell and John Curran along with their families. The families are committed to continue the core business of greyhound racing.

We have no intention of seeking to change our successful core business of greyhound racing.


We are not seeking a sale (not for sale). We are we not seeking a change of use or development of the site (no planning application on this site). We intend to greyhound race as our core business model beyond 2030 unless the likes of Elon Musk become interested in building an electric car plant at Kinsley dog track.

Kinsley could well get to its Centenary (2039) be it with or without us. Since the two families acquired Kinsley on April 1 1985, we have made a trading profit each and every year.

As a successful  business we have no debt to the banks, plenty of assets cash reserves, to help the business cash reserves and we both have had a state pension increase of £3 a week. Since we don’t need a wage increase at this time, this injection of cash should further help our business cash reserves – thank you Rishi.

In a nutshell Kinsley is going no where we in it for the long haul.

Core business – greyhound racing.

John Curran
Keith John Murrell