Greyhound Star is committed to ensuring that its customers gain maximum enjoyment from betting, and seeks to promote responsible attitudes to betting on its premises.

Betting is an exciting way of taking a risk as long as the risk is kept under control. The great majority of people who bet enjoy the experience without any problems, but a very small number lose control of what they are doing. For these people, gambling ceases to be fun and can come to dominate their life. Further advice is available from

Responsible Gambling is where:

  • Your gambling provides you with fun and entertainment
  • You know how much money you have to spend and bet within your means
  • Gambling is only one of your interests, you have time for other interests, family and friends
  • You don’t gamble to attempt to solve your financial problems, or as an escape from your personal problems
  • You do not try to ‘chase’ or win back losses
  • You do not borrow money to gamble
  • You bet responsibly not recklessly

Problem Gambling

If you think you might have a gambling problem then consider the following

  • Do you lose time from work due to gambling?
  • Do you ever gamble to get money with which to pay debts or to solve financial difficulties?
  • After losing, are your reasons for continuing to bet to win back your losses?
  • Do you ever borrow to finance your gambling?
  • Are you reluctant to use “gambling money” for normal expenditure?
  • Does gambling make you careless about the welfare of your family?
  • Do you ever gamble for longer than you planned?
  • Do you ever gamble to escape worry or trouble?

If you generally answer “yes” to these questions and want to talk to someone about problem gambling, GamCare can give you practical help and advice.

Who are GamCare?

GamCare are a registered charity that are committed to promoting a responsible attitude to gambling and providing proper care and support for those affected by gambling addiction. GamCare provide information, advice and counselling services to individuals and their family and friends who have concerns about problem gambling.

If you think that you, or someone you know, might have a gambling problem, then Gamcare can help. If you require confidential advice, information or practical help you can call the lo-call GamCare national helpline on: 0845 6000 133 or visit