Altruistic Duffy family gesture ensures a return to racing in North West

Greyhound Star understands that Lifford Stadium has been purchased by a syndicate of businessmen/greyhound racing enthusiasts. Spokesman for the buyers, Gary Boyle, states that a deal has been done with the deposit paid, the legal work is underway, and that they plan to bring greyhound racing back to the popular Irish border town sometime this summer.

In summing up developments, Gary was effusive in his praise of the Duffy family who own the site.

He said: “The Duffys have been fantastic to work with, and we have no doubt that it’s mainly down to their desire to keep it as a greyhound racing venue that we managed to get the deal done without a single hiccup. We can’t thank them enough for making it happen.

“We are still to speak to Rasaiocht Con Eirann (Irish Greyhound Board) having only just secured the agreement, but do not expect any issues. We will make it absolutely clear, we are not asking for any financial assistance from the Irish taxpayer. This is an entirely independently financed project. But in a region that the Board has not felt able to support financially, it may prevent many good greyhound folk from leaving the greyhound industry.”

This is surely the sort of news that greyhound folk in the north of Ireland, on both sides of the border, could only dream about. Greyhound Star will provide regular updates as further developments are made public.