With immediate effect Henlow Racing Limited will provide further financial assistance to an owner whose greyhound has sustained a career-ending orthopaedic injury at one of its tracks by match funding any amount granted by the GBGB Injury Recovery Scheme.

Director of Racing James Chalkley said: “We are committed to ensure every greyhound in our care enjoys a long and happy retirement. This additional financial support will mean that in most cases the cost of veterinary care will be fully funded in the event of an injury at one of our tracks through the GBGB Injury Recovery Scheme and matched funding from us. I’m sure this will be welcomed by trainers and owners who race at our tracks, and we will be looking to further build on our initiatives in the near future as greyhound welfare remains our top priority.”

In combination with the IRS, owners would now be able to claim back upto £800 for a career ending ‘bone injury’, or upto £2,000 for a complex hock injury, or upto £4,000 for a complex long bone injury.

This initiative effectively negates the use of euthanasia for this type of injury on financial grounds.