There has been more reaction to the GBGB’s release of industry injury and retirement data earlier today.

GBGB Managing Director Mark Bird appeared with welfare campaigner Clarissa Baldwin CBE on Radio Four’s You And Yours programme

Meanwhile the Greyhound Trust have condemned the retirement figures but offered to engage in the Greyhound Commitment:

Their statement reads:

With the release of the published data for injury and retirement of racing greyhounds, Greyhound Trust Chief Executive, Lisa Morris-Tomkins has announced the commitment of the charity to work with the GBGB on addressing the current levels of euthanasia within greyhound racing. Mrs Morris-Tomkins said:

“The number of racing greyhounds who never have the opportunity to experience a loving home when their racing career is over is unacceptable, and the base line injury and retirement figures published must be improved; it is unacceptable that any greyhound suitable for homing is euthanised. This is why the Greyhound Trust have committed our expertise and experience to work with the GBGB on two key welfare projects: a behavioural assessment project and an injury recovery scheme, which will maximise the opportunities for greyhounds to transition to a family pet.”

Close to 1000 Greyhound Trust volunteers work tirelessly to home retired racing greyhounds and we will continue to strive for a day when all racing greyhounds retire to a loving home where they are treated with compassion and kindness. Pressure on our capacity and our resources mean that this day is someway away, however if more funds were dedicated to the Greyhound Trust then this day would be a step closer.

The Greyhound Trust is keen to see all bookmakers pay the voluntary greyhound levy, so that more funds can be passed to the Greyhound Trust, and more retired racing greyhounds can find the home they deserve after racing.

The Trust remains committed to working with the greyhound industry to improve the lives of racing and retired greyhounds, and welcomes the transparency for the public that the GBGB publication of injury and retirement data brings. The Greyhound Trust is proud to have taken close to 70% of the 4536 greyhounds that were passed to organisations for homing in 2017. With more than 3000 greyhounds coming into our care for homing, we remain by far the largest and most influential greyhound charity in the UK, homing around 3800 greyhounds annually.

The Greyhound Trust will continue to play an active role in racing dog welfare, through the GBGB Welfare Committee, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Greyhounds, and the National and International Greyhound Forums. The Trust is also looking forward to working with the GBGB on the ‘Greyhound Commitment’. Mrs Morris-Tomkins said:

“The GBGB ‘Greyhound Commitment’ pledges to continue to work collaboratively with the Greyhound Trust and we welcome all opportunities to further enhance the welfare of both retired and racing greyhounds. The financial contribution of funds pledged by the GBGB for a Greyhound Trust flagship homing centre is most welcomed and we look forward to delivering this exciting project once the total funds required have been raised”

By supporting the Greyhound Trust you are supporting the only national charity dedicated to finding homes for retired racing greyhounds.