Mrs M Buckland’ Trotsky (Droopys Scolari-Whitys Mystic, Feb 15) was Monmore’s Dog of the Month for August. The Stuart Buckland trained runner went to traps on five occasions and was successful in A5 (1), A4 (1) and A3 (2). All wins were recorded between 29.03 and 29.11.

Fernleigh Lady (Yougo Amigo-Butts Pick, Jun 14) was the Bitch of the Month for the Pickles Clan Syndicate and trainer Ken Bebbington. The black middle runner had three wins and a fourth in four races, all times calculated to between 29.40-29.58.


3/4/5 in a row: Fernleigh Lady (3) Happy to pay, Gortkelly Damo (3)
100 Up: Standby Athena, Icecream Wars, Orlando Lorna, Inky Bleu, Freedom Monica, Inky Boom, , Westmead Hunter, Tartan Babol