Ben Mannall reports that Sunday’s Prestige Greyhound Sale at Yarmouth will go ahead as planned – despite several hiccups.

It is the first venture into greyhound sales for the Yarmouth assistant racing manager and the on-off saga has finally been concluded with an ‘on’.

He said: “I was originally promised a number of dogs, only for the vendors to let me down. I spoke to some different vendors who promised me 24 dogs, only for them to be suddenly unavailable. I made a decision to call it off and was persuaded to go ahead. So the 24 runners are coming from a variety of different vendors including Tony Western, Joe Keane, Tom Codd, Noel Sexton and Maurice Newman.

He said: “There are a couple of changes to the catalogue but otherwise it goes ahead as planned. The bars open and trials commence at 11am, the carvery in the restaurant is open between 12-2pm, meals at £7.95, and the auction is at 1.30pm. Given everything that has happened, I am very happy with the quality of dog on offer.”

** Changes to the catalogue – below next story

Lot 3 – replaced by Brosna Beauty (see lot 11)

Lot 9 – replaced by Carnahalla Girl

Lot 11 – replaced by Bettyshill Chloe

Lot 18 – replaced by Lithuanian Speed

Lot 21 replaced by Querrin Honey


Mannall reports plenty of interest in the George Ing St.Leger Final  – worth £2,500 for two runs. The entry closes on Monday, along with the supporting opens for next Thursday.

He said: “There has been plenty of interest to a point that we are asking any trainers with multiple entries for their order of preference.”