Following the announcement from Boris Johnson today of changes in Coivid-19 restrictions, Yarmouth have decided to cancel their plans for their Monday and Wednesday greyhound meetings next week* as they await further clarification.

Promoter Simon Franklin said: “It is tremendously disappointing. We were fully prepared and were working to near full capacity for the restaurant and looking at a decent overall attendance under the socially distanced restrictions.

“To be honest, I am not sure that we would be in breach if we were to go ahead since our original plan was based on our assertion to the council that we are not an elite sport; which they accepted.

“However, the situation should be much clearer after the weekend as Skegness and Kings Lynn Stock Car meetings are planning to go ahead. Given they are also considered to be ‘grass roots’ too, we will be a lot wiser as to how these restrictions are being interpreted.”

*The Monday and Wednesday meetings will still take place as usual but without crowds.