The recent Editors Chair piece about the need for greyhound racing to engage more with the betting industry has been endorsed by former Newcastle and Sunderland promoter Kevin Wilde.

Kevin said: “ Fantastic piece, I have been saying this about the betting for years. Greyhound racing needs to work with the betting industry before it is too late.

“The sport has many interesting people who have a vast knowledge of betting perhaps the GBGB should invite some of them to give their thoughts on what might work

“When I was helping Harry Findley I learnt more about betting in three weeks than I had learnt in 40 years working within the industry. I accept that some people struggle with some of Harry’s views but his knowledge of gambling is second to none.

“Look no further than football for the number of betting opportunities. I can remember when you could only bet home away or draw. Even cricket has more betting opportunities.

“It took the bookmakers a long time to realise they had to offer bets that Betfair wasn’t able to. How about a straight 1-6 jackpot on RPGTV and every day in the shops?

“The GBGB needs a commercial arm. Who promotes greyhound racing? The track promoters only promote their own events. Everyone below the promoters is suffering.

“Nothing has changed for at least 40 years that i am aware of. If the GBGB does not get involved in the commercial side of our sport it will die.”