Former owner Nick Wileman will not pay the £25,545.50 fine imposed on him by the GBGB stewards last week.

Wileman, who was also warned off all racecourses, was found guilty of rules 152(i) & (ii) and 174(xii)(a) – which relates to ‘acting in a violent or improper manner’ following an incident at Sheffield on 5 April 2016. He had chained himself to a fence at Sheffield and was protesting against perceived corruption by GBGB staff and various individuals within the greyhound industry.

He said: “I won’t pay the fine. Everybody knows why I was protesting and it was GBGB who deliberately raised the costs by employing a solicitor for my inquiry. So I won’t be paying and I don’t have any assets for them to seize. As far as I am concerned, that was £25,000 that could have gone to prize money.”

Wileman stated that he may appeal his case depending on the outcome of a City Of London investigation into alleged offenses within the industry. It commenced in December 2016.