For excitement value, Monday night was right up there with Interesting James Milner stirring his tea. At NEWCASTLE, Jimmy Fenwick was “SAw, faded“. Steve Anderson put in a “VSA, Stppd chasing” performance. That is two at -£100 gentlemen. Only Jimmy Wright – who is on a bill of a roll at the moment – came out with any credit, with a £50 even money winner and a non-runner £50 profit.

Defeat for Southwood Lady damaged a couple of attempts at SHEFFIELD but £40 on a 7-4 winner kept Carl Perry’s new winning run in the black with a £30 profit on the night. Glyn Dobbs, should have remained ‘Hobbs’ after a -£100 return. Not that DD (that’s Darren Driver – not Dick Dastardly) has much to shout about either! -£100



Graham and George burst onto the scene last week and both made significant profits. Sam was handling the fan mail.

The form:

The views:

Sam Linley:

Itsallaboutmary (R11 T1)  She is ideally drawn inside our bitch Grimes lady as she is more suited to T3 and she isn’t a bang railer on the bends. Lady looks the leader and she should make a clear path for Mary to run. Mary is 13 weeks out of season now and she is a good a2 bitch when right so she ticks all the boxes for me tonight  £80 win

Heathlawnswallow (R6 T5) A short and sweet explanation. This bitch will lead and will win. Looks to be a short SP so putting her in a double with Itsallaboutmary £20 double

Graham Strike