This is me – waiting for the Newcastle Jimmys to have a winning night

Geordie Jimmy Fenwick – £100 Jock Jimmy Wright – £100. Firmly in the shade of the Sunderland lads.

And if you thought the worst team in Yorkshire were Sheffield United on Monday . . . . . Carl Perry managed a gross profit of +£4.17. The other pair aren’t worth the red ink



Month to date: Suuuuupa Sam Linley +£280, George Stark +£125.42, Graham Strike +£89

The form

The views:

Sam Linley

George Stark

Knockhall Hope (R4 T3) a bitch coming out of season and last weeks time suggests she is coming back to form £50 win

Steeple Rd Emily (R9 T2) took a bump at the first bend last week and looks to have been given a chance of another win. She won last time out in this grade. Four of the others are running through their season £50 win


Nigel ‘Cash Machin e’ Tanner