Punters favourite Yahoo Benny (Mall Brandy-Calzaghe Pearl, Aug 14) moved onto the front row of the SHEFFIELD leader board with her sixth open race victory of the year on Tuesday.

Dropzone £1,880.00 500 6
Rappers Station £1,550.00 280 6
Yahoo Benny £1,430.00 423 6
Droopys Podge £1,050.00 488 5
Blackstone Lyric £1,220.00 620 4
Candlelight Fire £1,130.00 495 4
Droopys Cymbals £840.00 500 4
Early Mist £1,170.00 490 4
Geelo Monty £4,760.00 500 4
Geelo Sapphire £10,720.00 530 4
Geelo Zip £1,130.00 485 4
News At Six £1,130.00 280 4
Roxholme Hat £840.00 444 4
Russanda Ripley £1,130.00 500 4
Tynwald Baz £10,960.00 500 4

On the face of it, there was nothing spectacular about a 28.84 (N) run for the 500m, but it was the early paced black’s 12th win of the year and her 20th Sheffield career victory from 47 races, second 10 times.

Put another way, if you put £1 on her every time she went to traps, you would currently be £31.64 in profit.

Trainer Norman Melbourne said: “She has been a cracking little bitch from the start.

“Benny was sent over by Shane O’Gorman from Waterford who originally said he wanted £800 for her, but when Joyce said she wanted her, Shane said she could have her for £600 as her Christmas box.

“We were hoping she would come in season to give her a break, but if she doesn’t come in we might think about the Oaks.

“There has been some talk about breeding with her eventually, though our days of rearing pups are over.”


Richard Baker did the unthinkable at TOWCESTER on Tuesday when taking on the locals in both open races and coming away with an 8-1 double.

First up was Minnies Highway (Ballymac Eske-Minnies Luselle, Aug 15) in the 500m open. The Henlow 33.50 (550) winner, who went out of the Derby in the third round, returned at 4-1 when clocking 29.56 (N).

Bangor Ella (Droopys Cain-Bangor Alice, Mar 15) was less of a shock in the 686m maiden. The Henlow A6 runner got home by ten lengths in 41.13.  The winner’s time was 24 spots outside Rubys Rascal’s track record.