The Greyhound Derby is to return to Towcester in 2021 follow two years at Nottingham.

The event will be jointly sponsored by Star Sports and as yet unnamed national brewery. The event will get underway on Friday May 7/Saturday May 8. (subject to approval of the open race planning committee)

The final (June 12) will be worth £175K to the winner and will take place over a weekend festival which will commence on Friday with the heats of a new Cat 1 puppy competition with live music to follow racing.

Saturday will include drag racing on the horserace course with the afternoon screening of the Wales v Switzerland football on the big screen. The greyhound meeting will get underway at 6.30. Live music to continue after race.

Sunday lunch will be available with a greyhound meeting to run concurrently with the England v Croatia football on the big screen.

Promoter Kevin Boothby said: “I am absolutely delighted. With the announcement of the Covid vaccine yesterday, it has been a brilliant 24 hours. We already had a plan in place that would have allowed us to have 2,200 on the premises with social distancing and up to 9,500 without it. I am confident that we will have accommodation on site for around 2,000 by Easter.

“The most important thing now is for everyone to get together. We have been a very divided sport and not everyone wanted Towcester to succeed.

“But I honestly believe that this could be a huge breakthrough for the sport. I have plans for many more open race competitions and there are tremendous sponsorship opportunities.

“I will deliver on my promises. This industry has something special to look forward to. “