UPDATE: Derby winning trainer Kevin Hutton is to join Monmore with immediate effect.

Ladbroke Coral director of racing Ian Smyth said: “Kevin is a terrific appointment for Monmore with a very high calibre of greyhound who should certainly enhance racing at Monmore”


The aftermath of the Towcester closure continues with more trainers finding new homes.

Trainer breeder Richard Yeates is to start trialling his runners at Hove with immediate effect, while Emma Richards has been snapped up by Monmore.

Ian Smyth said: “I expect to announce some more appointments next week. If any other trainer would like to join us, I would be happy to speak to them.”

Hazel Kemp has already booked trials at Peterborough.

She said: “We were offered places at three other tracks. The money was superb, but the traveling would have taken all the enjoyment out of it.Peterborough is only half an hour away.

“We have 30 on the strength plus a dozen pups who are about to qualify. Martin in the Peterborough racing office has managed to put on some inter-tracks for us and since since some of our dogs have already race, they should only need one trial.

“Michelle (daughter) will take over the licence in January anyway, meaning Michael and I can still do some travelling with the open racers.

“We had four fabulous years at Towcester, but you always know good things must come to an end. We suspected that things were bad by speaking to some of the catering staff, but we were assured at a meeting a week ago that they were all false rumours.”