Monmore racing manager Tony Williamson denies being responsible for Fozzie Freebee heading towards the tag of Britain’s biggest loser 2018.

TONY WILLIAMSON: ruthless grader

Although Fozzie is currently on joint 0/39 with Henlow grader Esker Furi, the latter has not raced since being beaten a distance in November.

Now there would be those who would question whether a dog with 39 consecutive losses really wants to win? Particularly when you remember that Pam Burford’s runner has been second no less than 12 times, including 2 short heads, a head and two necks!

“No, as far as I am concerned he is genuine.” (Presumably just deviously well graded then Tony – Ed).

Witness for the prosecution: breeder, owner and trainer Pam Burford.

“I’m not actually convinced he is” says Pam, “there have been a few times when I have thought, ‘you could have won that!’.”

So, at this time of generosity to all dogs, isn’t it time that Fozzie found himself in a race that he couldn’t possibly lose?

“No, I can’t grade like that” says the RM, “I am sure he will win. Think positive, 2019 could be his big year.”

Sadly, as Tony knows to his cost, his record of putting a dog in a race that he can’t possibly lose, is. . . . not an exact science.

“A few years ago Pete Billingham had a dog called Fiery Gangster” he remembers gloomily. “He got to 49 races without a win and we arranged a ’50 for Fiery Gangster’ trophy race, so at least he would get into a presentation. Unfortunately, he went lame on the gallop and wasn’t even at the track on the night.”