“This bitch will lead and will win” said SUNDERLAND’S Sam Linley. He was right. But as Sam said himself, he expected her to be odds-on. Heathlawnswallow was returned at 8-11 and Dam had pre-empted with “I wouldn’t back at those odds”. Unfortunately, his double attempt went belly up when his other fancy, Itsallaboutmary finished second.

Easy Stuff let down both Graham Strike and George Stark though Graham was in the money again when his £50 fancy Coaltown Ash delivered at 6-4 for a £25 profit on the night. George’s second selection blobbed leaving him and Sam on a -£100.

We’ve never had a complete blank from YARMOUTH – probably the most consistent winning track – but last night came close. Thankfully Roxys Florence rescued the situation for Brett Hughes who returned at profit of £18.75. Liam Aspin and Dean Munnings -£100.


The form:

The views:

Jimmy Fenwick:

Droopys Dazzler (R5 T1) Looks to have great Draw posted some fast trials before competition started can take full advantage here £50 win

Droopys Nadal (R9 T5) Currently Trading at even Money Nadal can serve up a winning ace here take him to make all £50 win

Jimmy Wright

Steve Anderson
Coolavanny Banni (R8 T2) £50 win
Westworth Hugo (R7 T5) £50 win