Former Rye House promoter and lifelong greyhound enthusiast Eddie Lesley has announced his plans for the former track at Swaffham.

He said: “As many people know, I was a joint owner of the place with dear old Maurice (Kirby) who sadly died in 2012. It has taken a while, but one of my companies now owns Swaffham outright.

“Work has already started on revamping the site which will be used for a variety of different events in the future. That includes work on the greyhound track which should be ready later this year. However, it is extremely unlikely that I would ever consider an application to join GBGB. In the first instance, it will be a schooling track, and if the demand was ever there for local people to run a few dogs, I would run it as an independent.

“The only reason that I have go public on the plans is that word has emerged of events in progress and I would hate to think of former Mildenhall people hanging on waiting for the place to re-open as a GBGB track in the future.”

Swaffham closed in 2000 with promoter Tom Smith reporting crowds of 70 paying customers.