Welfare members of the Greyhound Forum are encouraged that the GBGB have fulfilled their obligations to become more transparent.  The publication of their second list of retirement and track injury statistics are another step in the right direction. Nevertheless, it is disappointing that the overall figures are not showing a greatly improved situation.  Too many greyhounds are being put to sleep, a situation that the Forum members find unacceptable and are calling for visible and rapid signs of improvement.

On the positive side, we welcome GBGB’s time bound commitment to halve the number of greyhounds being euthanised within the next three years. GBGB have also developed a Greyhound Commitment. The further detail which has been released on the Commitment today is encouraging, but with improved and sustained income from the Bookmakers so much more could be achieved.

The Forum members will continue to work with the Industry and Government to protect the welfare of racing greyhounds.