Only a few more hours before Nathan Corden’s (+£200.83) week of smugness comes under threat. Feel sorry for the trainers though – they still have to face him in the paddock! The rest of us only have to imagine it!


Nathan Corden

Final Mad (Ht2 T2) should get a clear run to the first bend now he has nothing on the inside and the slower starting Amka Rofe to his right £30 win 
Wolfe (Ht6 T2) showed devastating pace from the halfway point last week and expect him to take up the race from there £30 win
Glengar Bale (Ht7 T5) very impressive display in 1st Round and I expect him to continue that form in the 2nd round £30 win £10 treble


Rob Crawford

I wake up on the morning of the second round of the Derby with a hangover (cheers Gaz for a top afternoon and evening out), no MBE in the post, I seem to have been once again overlooked in Her Majesty’s birthday honours list and £200 down in the Derby tipsters challenge! So I better have 2 paracetamol and pick the bones out of the eight second round heats!

A lot was said about conditions at Nottingham over the first round, especially on the Saturday evening, though not ideal for our sport’s blue ribbon event, I think we have all learnt that 2020 is a very unique year in many ways. Including the Derby winner having to splash their way around the Colwick Park track in at least one of the round (I fear it could be in most of the rounds) but the team at Nottingham are continually doing a fantastic job to keep things as safe and as equal for our elite competitors.

On to today’s selections, my first pick comes at 7:51 and Final Mad (Ht2 T2) with a vacant box on his inside it is difficult not to see this November 16 dog getting a clear run to the first bend and Ballydoyle Valor is a worthy short price chance out in trap 5 will need some luck in running and I think that Stuart Tighe’s charge in trap 2 can be out and loose off the front at a decent price for a make all victory. £30 win

For my remaining £70 I am going to do a double on 2 of Pat Buckley’s runners. Undoubtably Pat was the man of the first round with clocking up 4 heat winners (from 4 runners) and I think that Dearjet Sydney (Ht4 T3) and Glengar Bale (Ht7 T5) can keep that impressive run going, both have very winnable heats, they have shown that they can run Nottingham well and Pat’s dogs are magnificent form (I think Knocknaboul Syd will run very well too, but the powers that be say we can only select 3 dogs for the tipping challenge) £70 Double.


Paul Gebhard

An amazing turn around as Tommys Panther moves from Trap 6 to Trap 1. This dog can trap and in my view gets better the more and more that he sees a track. Knocknaboul Syd looked to be in great nick and flies out. Lenson Bocko did look more like his old self, Newinn Session, obviously he’s bloody good, but in my view not as good as the hype, I’d be a layer from Trap 5 in this make up.
A few dogs went into the “unlucky notebook” last time, most of them were obvious but I think that Ardralla Jim went a bit unnoticed from that point of view and this isn’t the hottest of heats.
I thought that Catunda Logan was a tad disappointing last week and I see no reason to desert Southwood Jet
Killara Icon (Ht4 T1) ran a stormer in defeat, yes he arrived race hardened but that’s why I chose him in the first round  at a big price, he looks well drawn here, I’m a huge fan of Sparta Master but if he’s a railer I’m giving up racing. Paradoxically I think he’s ideally a trap three dog so the black box might not be too bad;  so it’s Kilara Icon £20 win.
Colavanny Chick looked to be in rude health and has a good draw, she will do for me.
Loved  Wolfe last week but for value Jazzers Man as in my opinion he got a short hare at the first bend last week and ran off miles more than even the Newinn dog so he could be value.
Bockos Doomie (Ht7 T1) gets  a good draw , and that’s enough for me;  £30 win
When pressed to pick just the one from the outset I went with Gonzo (Ht8 T6), I see no reason to desert him, based on the draw Blue Tick George  would be the choice for forecast backers, so it’s Gonzo £40 win £10 treble


Peter Harnden

Glengar Bale (Ht7 T5) has a lovely draw with 1,2, & 3 all looking to go round the first bend together the black is slow away and stripes a genuine wide. I think he will lead at the first game over
I’ve picked Killara Icon(Ht4 T1) as Pat Buckley is very bullish about the three, I heard Paul Lawrence had it down as a ‘one dog race’ – well I like that. Nothing better than proving people wrong. Hopefully Icon leads the two, drops on the three’s tail going out the second bend and boy it’s race on. £100 double


Patrick Janssens

Wolfe (Ht6 T2) good draw was very impressive on terrible going £70 win and I do him in a double with Bockos Doomie (Ht7 T1) who has his box and is very well in himself £30 double


Rab McNair

Southwood Jet (Ht3 T2) one of my favourite dogs can hold the inside lane, Bani is a big danger £40 win

Blue Tick George (Ht8 T1) was very impressed at Central Park and impressed last week got the draw to bully the inside.  £40 win £20 double


David Mitchell

Doolin Duke (Ht5 T5) I couldn’t have been more impressed with this dog in the conditions last week. He sprang from the box and stayed straight to the turn then after that he just went through the gears effortlessly. For me this dog has it all and at 14/1 for outright honours you’d be hard pushed to find a better bet at this point. £25 win

Wolfe (Ht6 T2) One of my favourite dogs in training. He seems to have been around for an age but that’s only because we’ve seen him run at the top level for so long. He was brilliant last week and I said it before he ran that I thought he had the best middle of any dog in the competition and I think he showed that. If he gets any sort of clear run he’ll take this one. £25 win

Blue Tick George (Ht8 T1) I got a lot of stick last week for not putting my own dog up…Thanks Editor. Look I’ll be as honest as possible about George. Two months ago I thought he’d go well but might struggle to trouble the main protagonists in this competition but I’m happy to say in the last month a switch has been clicked. We always thought he was very good but I believe now he’s went another level, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my dog. He went to Central Park and clocked some fantastic times, some of the fastest ever ran over 500m and on both occasions he hit the lids. Last week at Nottingham he did the same thing, he came away and turned the screw on a good field. In this race he has his draw and I can guarantee he won’t shy out at the first turn if they come across him. If he can get a run at it I’m confident he can land this one. Just as a side-note he was checked out by George Drake through the week and he said he’s 100% so they’ll be no excuses from us. £25 win £25 treble


Steve Nash

Last weekend Final Mad (Ht2 T2) clocked a very decent 14.92 halfway split (thanks Mark Pierrepont/Greyhound Star report!) after early crowding, running up to the subsequently withdrawn Little Emir. With a vacant trap inside, the near 4 year old is worth an interest on value grounds alone to cause an upset to the odds on jolly £20 win

Impressive heat winner Gonzo (Ht8 T6) looks to have progressed further for Julie Bateson since his Monmore Gold Cup win. He’s taking a less wide course at Nottingham, and his all-round speed will serve him well from a plot draw. £70 win £10 double


Mark Pierrepont

Antigua Boy (Ht5 )is far from the fastest in the race but he’s no slouch either and with a terrific make up on the rail and with crowding far from inconceivable outside him it wouldn’t take an act of God for him to win if he can just make the bend. At as big as 20/1 on the earlies he’s a must bet £20 win.
Jazzers Man (Ht6)another that’s well drawn this time on the outside of the track. Will have to run the first two bends better than last time out but major chance if doing so £30 win.
Glengar Bale (Ht7 T5) best bet on the card smash out always lead. Was extremely impressive in last weeks first round heat. £50 win


Pat Rosney

It’s going to be very interesting to see how the dogs who ran on the Saturday card bounce back after racing on possibly one of the worst surfaces I’ve ever raced on but obviously that was due to the persistent rainfall and nothing to do with Nottingham who consistently produce excellent surfaces to race on.
I’m going for the double on Wolfe (Ht6 T2) and Glengar Bale (Ht7 T5) I thought both dogs put up impressive performances last week and for me Glengar was the star performer of the entire first round £100 double


Mark Wallis

Interesting second round heats and my initial thoughts are that some of the fast heat winners from the first round may have been flattered a little while there has to be a question mark against how quick some of the runners from Saturday night can recover after running in those tough conditions, I was looking to tip maybe 1 or 2 that perhaps caught the eye from Friday night, both our runners left in the event Antigua Boy & Sober Express are huge prices but still have the potential to qualify, they are in fabulous order and will improve given a clear run.

Heat 2 sees a vacant trap in one and the odds on favourite Ballydoyle Valor drawn out in five, Final Mad (Ht2 T2) ran well in defeat on Friday. He has the early pace to go clear and could be worth chancing to poach an unassailable lead, he regularly clocks 29.90 and that could be good enough and at 7/1 is great value. £45 win

In heat 3 one of the best drawn dogs in the second round is a Friday night heat winner Smurfs Machine (Ht3 T6) who could take advantage of possible crowding on the inside and could well skip clear for Seamus Cahill and again the early price of 5/1 is worth taking £45 win £10 double


Jimmy Wright

Jazzers Man (Ht6 T6) great draw and hopefully run 1st two bends better away and gone £40 win
Swanley Chick (Ht8 T3) With a good start can make all
£40 win £20 double