David Young (@CheltmentalFB) takes on Friday night’s £15,000 Colossus Bets Win 8 at Romford. Check out his selections.


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18:09 – 400M

BUBBLY CAIN showed us what he can do on his last race here with a 23.82. He’s trialled back with a 24.02 since so he’s coming here at the top of his game once more. AERO RACKITUP is drawn on his inside so there’s a chance of trouble on the run up, which has cost both these dogs before.

MADABOUT AMIGO in three probably wants the rails so is another to be involved with the inside duo early on, but he has loads of early and is another who has broken 24 recently.

GOLDIES LINEKAR in 4 would be another better suited to the inside but he’ll be hoping to ping before he makes his was inside, although I think he’ll stay middle ish, or at least I’d hope he does.

MELODYS SECRET in 5 is a middle seed so another who might just come in, but has won recently from 4 so I wouldn’t be writing him off. KENTON TEN, the sole wide seed must have a decent chance given the make up of this race and his latest winning time at Central Park in a top grade sprint suggests he’s near his old peak form.



18:28 – 400M

Both 1 and 2 are quick enough to take this and ANTIGUA ROMEO will be staying on best of these so will take advantage of any trouble however he has been racing from the middle traps (only 3 runs from 44 came from 2 or 1, and just 1 from this red Jacket). He and LOOSE CHIPS in two both like to pace to the bend so a clear run up is key to both their chances.

DRUIDS BRAZONA in 4 won a sprint last Sunday at Central Park and he’s a really nice dog. The 4 box might not be ideal however he has won from there around here before so at least that’s a tick for him. If he traps like he did on Sunday then I don’t think they’ll beat him

BALLYMAC MICKO in 5 will be fine with his draw and was a consistent sub 24 second dog earlier this year so has a huge chance and SIGNATURE JACK on the wide outside was behind DRUIDS BRAZONA on his penultimate start but could be a player if able to lead.

Selection – BALLYMAC MICKO (5)


18:43 – 400M

DROOPYS MAC is best from this trap and while GOLDIES HODDLE might be a bit quicker to the bend I think the pair will both get round.

SIGNATURE CALLUM in 5 has beaten and been beaten by GOLDIES HODDLE so on those lines alone he can play a part and he looks well drawn. MAGICAL HOUDINI is the eldest runner in the field so might not be up to this anymore, but is capable on his day and his last two trials suggest he’s coming here in pretty good form.



18:58 – 400M

SOPHIES SPARKLE in 5 doesn’t arrive here in the best form but the last time she raced from this trap here she clocked 23.89 which would comfortably land this. Her draw between 4 & 6, both runners who want mid to wide while she’s been running middle mean it could be a mess on the outside

HOLDEM LAUREN in the red jacket hasn’t been seen here since July but she’s likely to be even quicker now and she’s won 3 on the bounce at Monmore so clearly running well. She’s drawn inside a railer who shouldn’t be leading her up.

JET STREAM MAGS in three will be looking to lead and in winning last week made it 4 on the spin round here




19:18 – 400M

If BANG ON ANNIE can replicate her recent trial of 23.89 she’ll not be beat. The issue slightly is the draw and just how quick she can shape into the opening bend but I want her onside

JESSES SISTER traps well in the main and although she won well here on 28th August, the time looked a bit slow so I’m prepared to upgrade that a bit. IVE GOT GEARS will move in from 5 and that could cost both her and SWABYS LUCIEJANE their chances so again the wide outside looks the place to be and PUNK ROCK DOLL was a nice winner here, also on the 28th August. Officially there are 9 spots between her and JESSES SISTER but I’d say they both deserve +10 for the going so I make it just 1 spot between them but I’d expect the 6 has much more to come



19:36 – 400M

PANTONE WHISPER has not been at the races on her last 4 runs but I know she’s quick enough to land this. On her inside is a youngster who has clocked 24.20’s the last twice and on her outer is a railer who might just be as quick as her. So yet again there could be trouble on the inside.

Both SAVANA JESSICA & BURGESS LUCIA do their best work from the front and preference goes to the 5 who shouldn’t have two bad starts in a row

Selection – SAVANA JESSICA (5)


19:56 – 400M

BUBBLY MAGNUM was outrageous last week, he was paw perfect from trap rise to finish and duly clocked a 23.72. Well drawn here and is by far the one to beat. OUR BOY SEAMUS had a fairly easy heat but still won nicely and TENPIN was eye-catching in defeat after missing the kick but has arguably more pace on his inner this time round

Selection – BUBBLY MAGNUM (4)


20:17 – 400M

BUBBLY BOLLINGER finally got off the mark follow two poor shows but is already looking like a dog who needs to lead to win. He’s better drawn on the rails but trap two comes out the boxes fast so they could come together.

ADAGEO BLUE in 3 ran well in defeat last week as did DISTANT TAILOR who finished behind the two on that occasion. His draw again is a worry so I think I’d be happy to play 1 and 3 here and hope for some luck early