Hot (Headed) and Humid

It’s definitely the hot weather. Race1 Mullingar, once again some dogs avoided social distancing.
What price the 3 dog at the second bend.
Seriously though, the hot weather is a massive factor, but the humidity is the main cause of so many greyhounds being disqualified during the really hot summer nights. I used to keep statistics of disqualifications at all tracks I worked at, and there was a phenomenal difference between winter and summer disqualifications. If you see greyhounds who have never shown inclinations before or indeed after, suddenly showing indiscretions you can almost guarantee it would have been on a hot humid day. 
Tony Smith
Absolutely agree Tony. I don’t have any statistics to back it up, but the relationship between hot weather and dogs being disqualified is overwhelming. Looking back through our archives, July always seems to be the worst month though!! – Ed

Czeching on Ambrose – Really!

“Members of the Greyhound Forum were disappointed to learn of Ambrose’s background and of his injuries whilst racing, which appear to have been recurring.

It has now been confirmed that Ambrose is scheduled for/ already resident in the Czech Republic where he is to be put to stud.

Regrettably there are currently insufficient good homes for all retired greyhounds in the U.K., nevertheless, the Forum members have expressed their concern to GBGB, for the long term welfare of Ambrose.  They have asked for a 3, 6month and one year report on his health and welfare.  In addition the Forum will be reviewing, once again, the terms of Rule 18, so that the long term care of all retiring greyhounds can be better monitored.

Clarissa Baldwin – Chairman Greyhound Forum

We have dealt with Greyhound Forum over many years, and generally have great respect for their ethos and integrity but I cannot help feel that they have lost the plot here. On what possible grounds can they have any issue with a retired greyhound going to the Czech Republic?

Over a period of years I have met a number of hugely enthusiastic Czech greyhound supporters. They race various breeds in an amateur way, and I would anticipate that should Ambrose get some matings, they are as likely to be cross breeds as anything.

I have made several visits to Continental Europe to see their racing, and it is so refreshing to see people travel great distances to race their various breeds for no prize money, with no betting involvement, just the joy of seeing their animals race. Whippets, Afghans, you name it.

Not for the first time, I feel the Greyhound Forum is trying to appease anti-greyhound lunatics with a disingenuous agenda. Which nations exactly do you have an issue with? France, Germany? Or is it the Czechs in particular, given their history of what!!!! Are there any other nations that you have issues with? Or maybe you think we should give a dog a new home but retain a right to go and check on it. Do Dogs Trust or Battersea do that with dogs they have re-homed? Well bugger off  then and treat us with some respect – Ed

The 100lb greyhound

The Hove 2.12 tomorrow features the debut of the biggest track dog I have seen for many years. 
Wendreamscumtrue weighed in at 44.8kg for his last trial and is totally coursing bred by Mulboy King ex White Sash Molly. Her only other progeny to make the track was Lookbehindyou trained by Tony Taylor who was a wafer thin 39 kilos!
There was a litter in the late 90s who raced at Hove containing The Womble who was well over 40 kilos and maybe there are readers who have other examples of giant greyhounds.
Chris Burt
So here is is, the boy himself. Photo courtesy of trainer Jamie Kingsley. 100lbs is 45.4kg by the way – Ed