The Punters Challenge quartet who flew so high at Nottingham, crashed and burned at Hove.

Two of Matt Hulmes’ three tips bit the dust leaving only Karlow Turbo with a £20 win at 5-4 to oblige. Total loss £55.

Mark Burridge had a £30 win on Karlow Turbo (5-4) but was let down on singles and doubles by Ribble Atom. Total loss £32.50

Mark Keightley and Paul Millward both went £100 all-in on Ribble Atom and Donation respectively, so both lost their £100 stake.

The Guru – who only tips rather than punts – had a third consecutive four-from-eight: Karlow Turbo (5-4), Sporting Dave (14-1), Shaneboy Russell ((7-4) and Clares Kyletaun (5-4).