A pro greyhound racing rally at Peterborough Stadium was a huge success with more than 40 enthusiasts and ex-racers turning out in support.

Local trainer Kim Gooding was one of those responding to a protest by 13 ‘antis’ who have been running a prolonged Facebook campaign against the stadium.

Kim said: “We only had three days to organise it but it exceeded expectations. Sharon Saberton and I went off to speak to the protest group. It was all very civilised but basically they are anti everything. A group of angry vegans, who seem to take a particular dislike to the fact that there is betting on dogs.

“Given the time factor, we used the same banners as Henlow.

“We have to keep this going but I hope that going forward we can produce some better placards and banners because at first glance it is hard to tell the difference between the pros and antis.”


Meanwhile Kinsley have launched their own fightback with notices outside the stadium giving details of their homefinding scheme.